The Members’ Code

To ensure Tom Social maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere where members can meet new friends and try new experiences free from pretentiousness and feeling left out, members must abide by The Members’ Code at all times.

1. All men who are sexually attracted to other men are welcome to join and attend events as part of Tom Social regardless of their age, sexual orientation, religious, cultural or political beliefs, gender identity, nationality, race or physical appearance.

2. Members should always feel included and welcomed at Tom Social organized events, activities or discussions. All members should be free to socialize in an environment free from any form of harassment or discrimination. Any actions deemed to be intentionally hurtful, harmful or threatening to other members will not be tolerated.

3. Tom Social is strictly a drug-free group with any member found to be in possession of, or affected by, illicit substances at a Tom Social organized event or activity will have their membership revoked.

4. Although all members share the same or similar sexual orientation, the group is strictly a social group and members should demonstrate decency and respect for each other at all times. Inappropriate or indecent behaviour will not be accepted.

5. Membership fees are essential to cover administration costs and ensure events and activities are organized and managed at a professional standard. If fees are not paid, your membership and access to Tom Social events may be suspended or cancelled.

6. Tom Social works closely with its network of business partners to enable substantial group discounts and ongoing invites to exclusive events. Any member who does not demonstrate an acceptable level of behaviour at a Tom Social organized event or activity may have their membership suspended or cancelled without further warning.

7. Tom Social has a three-strike ‘no shows’ policy whereby you may be asked to leave the group if you fail to show up to three events, which the member had indicated they were attending, without providing prior advice of unforeseen circumstances.

8. Members should follow all directions provided by Tom Social management and event coordinators at each event or activity to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members. Tom Social will not accept liability for any harm caused to an individual as a result of failing to adhere to directions.

9. Tom Social members should maintain an acceptable level of friendliness, positivity and enthusiasm at Tom Social organised events and activities. Members should refrain from being consistently negative, overbearing or judgmental when interacting with others.

10. Feedback about an event or activity organized by Tom Social is always welcomed and encouraged and should be provided by email to Tom Social management.

If a member feels another member or organiser has breached the Members’ Code they should report it directly to Tom Social management.

Tom Social reserves the right to revoke or suspend any member at any time.