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Three-night comedy cruise

Jan 1, 1970

Tom Social is partnering with Barrow & Bear Travel to offer an exclusive three-night feature comedy cruise with all meals and entertainment included!
This is our first ever group trip and we would love for you to join us.

You’ll spend three nights at sea while enjoying an array of Australia’s best comedians taking to the stage. With the Comedy Cruise Gala, an up close and personal chat to the comedians and cheeky adults-only shows, there’s something to make everyone smile and laugh!

Cocktails in the spa, drinks by the pool and plenty of relaxation.

We have also organised our very own Set Sail welcome party.

<em>This is a members-only event (with members’ guests allowed). If you are not a Tom Social member, please <a href=’https://tomsocial.com.au/join/’>sign up here</a> before booking. </em>
<h3><strong>KEY TIMES </strong></h3>
<li>Cruise departs Brisbane at 4pm on Saturday, October 19</li>
<li>Cruise returns to Brisbane at 6am on Tuesday, October 22</li>
<li>The group will meet at Hamilton several hours before departure</li>
<li>Three night cruise on-board the Pacific Dawn</li>
<li>All main meals</li>
<li>All on-board entertainment including comedy shows</li>
<li>Exclusive Tom Social Set Sail Party (free drinks!)</li>
<li>Tom Social group T-shirt</li>
<li>Many more on-board events and activities</li>
<h3><strong>PRICES </strong></h3>
Special discounted group pricing ***subject to change***

<em><strong>Inside quad share cabins from $435 pp <span style=’color: #ff0000;’>SOLD OUT</span></strong></em>
<strong><em>Inside twin share cabins from $535 pp </em><span style=’color: #ff0000;’><em>SOLD OUT</em>
</span></strong><strong><span style=’color: #ff0000;’><span style=’color: #333333;’>Ocean view Twin Share $699 pp <span style=’color: #ff0000;’>SOLD OUT</span>
</span></span></strong><strong><span style=’color: #ff0000;’><span style=’color: #333333;’>Ocean view Quad Share – $655 pp <span style=’color: #ff0000;’>SOLD OUT</span></span>

<em>$100 deposit required to secure your spot with pay-off options available.</em>
<h3><strong>HOW TO BOOK </strong></h3>
<li><strong>Each passenger should fill out this initial booking form.</strong></li>
<li>Todd (Tom Social) or Callum (Barrow &amp; Bear Travel) will be in contact with you about your booking.</li>
If you have any questions about the package, you can call our dedicated travel agent Callum Whitehead at Barrow and Bear Travel on 3260 7746 or simply send an email to <a href=’mailto:callum@barrowandbear.com.au’>callum@barrowandbear.com.au</a>.
<h3><strong>FAQs </strong></h3>
<strong>I’ve never been cruising before, what can I expect?</strong>

In our opinion cruise holidays are the most relaxing holiday you can do. You simply dock in Brisbane, put away your bags and start enjoying straight away. Delicious meals, lots of entertainment and things to do all the while looking out at the beautiful ocean. This is also only a three-night cruise so it’s perfect for first-timers. While it’s unlikely you’ll get sick, you could bring along some sea sick tablets just in case.

<strong>What is P&amp;O like?
P&amp;O is perfect for a short getaway with a bunch of friends. The ship is undergoing renovations one month beforehand so it will be fresh for our trip. The rooms are basic but comfortable… but it is unlikely you’ll be spending much time in them since there is so many other great spaces on board.

<b>If I’m getting a quad share or twin share rooms, who allocates the share arrangements? </b>

Tom Social will allocate member share rooms as best we can to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time. If you have specific requests, we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

<strong>Can I bring along a plus one? </strong>
Members are allowed to invite guests but they must either join Tom Social or at least meet Tom Social membership eligibility (ie. sorry, you can’t bring your mum).

<strong>What if I find a cheaper price elsewhere? </strong>
Our travel agent is dedicated to finding the best deals for us which are available at the time. Please note cabin pricing changes regularly and our package includes a private Tom Social party with drinks and a souvenir group t-shirt.

<strong>Can I upgrade to a single room or fancier accommodation? </strong>
Yes, our travel agent Callum can provide a quote to upgrade you to any room type you like. Just ask.

<strong>What else would I have to budget for? </strong>
The only thing not included is drinks which can be purchased on board.

<strong>Where does the ship go? </strong>
This cruise is a feature cruise, meaning it is all about the on-board entertainment… so it goes out to the beautiful Pacific Ocean for a few nights and heads back in – the perfect escape!

<strong>Pina Coladas or Mojitos? </strong>
Both – one after the other on the pool deck, please!

<strong>Got more questions? </strong>
Feel free to ask about the cruise at the next Tom Social event or email admin@tomsocial.com.au.



Jan 1, 1970