Choose our adventure competition

Fire up the idea machine – we’re counting on you to choose our upcoming adventure!

Submit an event idea and we’ll make it happen for the winning entry. The winner will score a free club t-shirt and a $25 club voucher to make it worthwhile.

Read through the rules below before submitting your entry. 


  1. Submit a group event idea that is suitable to be scheduled between August and October, 2024.
  2. It must be free or cost less than $50 per person.
  3. Twenty or more members should be able to attend this event.
  4. It could be a great pub, a hike, a new activity, a picnic spot, a movie, a private venue only you know about, something epic, left of field or lowkey – anything goes.
  5. We will shortlist the submissions and Tom Social members will vote for the winner in the Exchange.
  6. Submissions end Wednesday, July 31.